Jar With Wooden Lid



A new generation of automatic intelligent three-piece breakfast (coffee pot smart, intelligent toaster, kettle intelligence) products are highly intelligent small household electrical appliances because of its fast, simple, convenient, compact features are subject to European family of long-lasting favorite, has been a hundred years of history of the last century have been related to product patents, and the current domestic young, Western-oriented, fast-paced pursuit of life, the past two years, the domestic market intelligence breakfast sets of products upward trend, Europe also we have great market prospects.






Intelligent automatic coffee maker can be made into fast DROP drinking coffee, but also can be out of all kinds of tea and hot water can be used in the home and meeting rooms and other occasions. Not only for coffee lovers unprecedented convenience in terms of the use of the machine, but also because it uses more high-tech, all processes controlled by a computer program to make coffee with high consistency and good taste. Smart toaster slots through the top of the bread baking bread slices into heated, due to its ingenious design, highlighting the toaster baking professional, in addition to baking bread, but also a variety of grilled meats, seafood and simple snacks. Simple boil water can not meet the daily needs of the Department of class suite-style breakfast intelligent kettle began to catch on, in addition to an electric kettle, as well as other special tea utensils, kettle, tea, coffee and other one go, from beginning to end reflect It cares. 



Breakfast includes a three-piece automatic intelligent smart coffee maker, intelligent toaster, kettle use smart metal casing design, simple lines and elegant atmosphere, with modern minimalist home support, more texture series gorgeous design more concise, in-line power supply Tibetan design avoids the cumbersome, in line with modern home fashion style concept.