Face Attendance Machine



The multi-function intelligent face recognition attendance machine has got rid of the bottleneck of the common fingerprint attendance machine. It can be used to punch the card easily by brushing the face, making it more convenient and fast for users to punch the card. And compatible with fingerprint card printing, credit card printing and other functions, so that users according to their needs to choose card printing mode. The attendance machine can also be connected with the mobile APP. The attendance data can be viewed in real time at any time and anywhere.








This product USES 5 inch HD high clear screen, industrial-grade megapixel camera, integrated loudspeaker, easy to use and practical. The rear shell is detachable and can be installed vertically or tilted.

Multi-functional intelligent face recognition attendance machine adopts circular bold appearance modelling, the combination of the elements of point, line and plane, line is concise and beautiful, modern design, and market similar products on the temperament to distance, make a product appear full is decorous, highlight the noble quality. The back shell stepped shape gives the design a sense of hierarchy and contrasts sharply with the simple panel.