Inking Apparatus


为了响应时代的高速发展,各大高校纷纷用起了智能投影仪上课。白板笔得到广发应用。应环保理念,白板笔可循环使用,可是现阶段没有专门注墨器,通常用针管代替,研发这款白板笔注墨器,让注射墨水更方便快捷。In response to the rapid development of the times, the major colleges and universities have used in class played a smart projector. Whiteboard pen obtain GF application. Should be environmentally friendly, Markers can be recycled, but at this stage no special refilling, typically with a needle in place, the development of this whiteboard pen refilling device, so that the ink injection more convenient.

墨水盒替换方便,循环使用,降低成本。注墨器为按压式,手与墨水零机会接触,干净整洁。白板笔注墨器经济耐用,只需把笔按位置放好,一键按钮自动注射,大大节省更换注射时间,延长白板笔的使用寿命。Convenient replacement of the ink cartridge, recycled and reduce costs. Refilling device to push the hand with zero exposure to ink, clean and tidy. Whiteboard pen refilling is economical and durable, just put away the pen by location, a key button automatic injection, saving replacement of the injection time, to extend the life of a whiteboard pen.