Pressure Coffee Machine



The electric portable espresso machine is small in appearance, dual use in one machine, compatible with nestle capsule and coffee powder. It can be easily extracted to make espresso by pressing the button. It can be charged by external power sources such as battery charger, on-board power supply and USB power, with the maximum pressure reaching 15 bar, so as to obtain better coffee extraction quality. With this electric portable espresso machine, you can enjoy authentic Italian coffee anytime and anywhere!







Electric portable espresso machine meet travel, office, flight, outdoors, hiking, etc all kinds of using occasions, use 5 v / 1.2 A charging adapter or support USB charging power supply equipment, you can recharge the coffee machine, charging indicator light flashing, when A full charge, will normally on lights. The top silicone button feels comfortable and waterproof. The handheld part is striped silica gel material. It has the function of heat insulation and gives consideration to the comfort when it is used.

Electronic Portable Coffee Maker is developed based on the concept of convenient coffee making. It has a cylindrical shape, simple and easy to hold and carry by hand. The stripy silicone trim has both anti-skid and thermal insulation features to provide a more comfortable user experience. The color is mainly grey and black, with color silica gel. The color is clear, which effectively enhances the visual impact of the produ.